His Cross Matters Dot Com

January 21, 2011

by Pastor Doug Cox
Crossroads Newlife Fellowship Church

 Christ on the CrossDot com is part of our modern lingo and process of communication.  Most people know these specific syllables, (.com) are necessary to go to certain places in cyberspace via the internet.  If a web address is typed into the address bar without .com, .org, etc. you will get the message “Sorry, the page you were looking for cannot be found”.  Dot com is part of the whole internet communication process.

The ability to communicate is what sets the human race apart from every other part of creation.  Yes whales, porpoises and animals can communicate in some amazing ways but not in the sense that humans do.  People have the ability to pass information, ideas, strategies and emotions along to each other like no other form of creation.  Our ability to communicate with each other has changed over time from blowing trumpets as a signal, to telegraph and so on to our now global real time audio visual messaging systems like ‘Skype’.

We understand that man can communicate with man but did you know God wants to communicate with you in a very close and personal way?  You may be feeling like God is far away from you.  You may think that a Holy God would never consider someone who’s made the mistakes you have made to be worthy enough to come into His Presence.  You may think it is your goodness that is going to bridge the gap between you and God and someday you may be able to tip the scales of approval to get Him to communicate to you.  Ideas of this nature are the reasons why His cross really matters.

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