Signaling one way and going another?

March 15, 2022

By Pastor Doug Cox

Signaling one way and going another? Here is a warning for anyone who is thinking about following the polished Mormon missionaries. Even though their blinker is signaling toward repentance, the true church, a restored gospel and eternal life and a better life, there is a lot more to their church they probably will say nothing about.

Once the missionaries win you over with their ‘testimony’ about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and baptize and confirm you, they will drop you off at your specified ward house. There you will learn there is much more to do. You will be taught about the crucial pathway of eternal progression.

Eternal progression is needed because of something the Mormon missionaries probably didn’t mention. Water baptism and church membership and praying to the Heavenly Father doesn’t give you access to the Heavenly Father when you die. Sound shocking? It’s true! Simple membership in the church only secures the Telestial kingdom.

Mormons have what they call three degrees of glory. The Terrestrial Kingdom is inhabited by non-Mormon good people. The Holy Ghost is in the Terrestrial with them. The middle Kingdom is the Telestial Kingdom, and Jesus inhabits it. Maybe if you are lucky you will get to see him if he gets time. Of course Joseph Smith and the rest of the Mormon prophets won’t be there because they will be in the Celestial kingdom where the Heavenly Father is said to abide.

To have access to the Heavenly Father you must be sealed in the Temple. That sealing is what gets you into the highest kingdom. Ughh, that is if you continue to follow the church standards, sustain the living prophet, continue to believe that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God, believe in the Book of Mormon and other standard works, (D&C, Pearl of Great Price, etc.), and of course pay a full tithe every year.

If you don’t pay a full tithe, you will not be given a temple recommend and therefore be denied access into the Celestial Kingdom. So, know this, Mormon salvation must be renewed every year with an interview by your bishop and tithing settlement. Hmmm? Still interested? Do you think Jesus died on the cross for your sins thinking to Himself this suffering I’m going through won’t be enough, they are still going to have to pay a full tithe to be with the Heavenly Father?

But that’s not all. There is still much more to do. Once you are sealed in the Temple you must live a temple worthy life so you can become a god or goddess over your very own planet at some time in the future. Not to be vulgar but these worthy Mormon men are required to have eternal coitus and women get to stay pregnant for eternity. Didn’t the missionaries tell you that spirit babies come from somewhere? If not, you will learn it’s all part of the Mormon gospel fulness plan.

The Mormon Heavenly Father knows all about it because he was born on the planet Kolob. He was once a man like you, they say. Because he was a faithful Mormon and lived a temple worthy life on Kolob, after his death, he and his wives died and went to the Celestial kingdom. From there they were able to populate earth, Heavenly Father’s own personal planet. In the Celestial Kingdom he and ‘your’ heavenly mother had sex, and after she carried you to full gestation she gave birth to you, and you became a spirit baby in heaven. From there you had to wait until your earthly mom got pregnant and now here you are a free agent who through obedience to the gospel can progress and become like your Heavenly Father or mother. Woah! It makes my head spin.

Friends, in my opinion Mormonism is both foolish and deceptive. They use Jesus as bait to lure people in, then they use the Book of Mormon to steer people away from the Bible. Mormon missionaries are signaling one way, then the church takes people another.

I’m not saying Mormons are bad people, I’m saying they are lost and deceived. I know what it is like because I was raised one. Thankfully I was able to find the simple yet powerful gospel that comes through the Bible. There I found the true Jesus (God in the flesh not the brother of Satan) and through Him receive a new birth and found a satisfying relationship with God and peace of mind and heart.

Please don’t let the Mormon church ruin your taste for Jesus. He is real! He is powerful! He loves you! He is God made flesh Who died for your sins and rose again to save sinners. Once sinners call on Him, He can and will change their lives. You don’t have to pay for it or work for it, just believe in Him and follow His word.

Once you are saved you can get baptized to show others you love Him, not to be saved. You don’t have to be on a treadmill of works trying to earn His love. And yes, you will do good works, but not to earn salvation, but because you love Him, and you love people.

Friends there is a difference between the Jesus of the Bible and the Jesus of Mormonism I hope you will study what I have written about and seek Jesus. Check out John 3:16-17; Romans 10:9-10; Ephesians 2:8-9 and Romans 6:23.

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