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What does the Cross of Christ mean to you?

Some time ago God Revealed that His Cross Matters is to be a ministry of Pastoral Encouragement. At the time we uncovered some startling statistics regarding the incredibly high number of Pastors that leave the ministry each day, week and month. There has since been another survey that would indicate the numbers are much lower than originally thought but in our opinion one Pastor stepping down is one too many. At the time I prayed my Moses prayer, “but God” however just recently God Said “it’s time”. This site has not had much done to it in a while but that is about to change. We are in the process of building a brand new site that will reflect the mission of His Cross Matters. Please be patient as it is a bit of a process to get it ready to launch.

In the mean time if you know of a pastor that is struggling or you are a pastor that is struggling please go to the contact page and reach out to us.

We also need prayer partners to join us in general prayer for pastors along with prayer for specific needs. Please fill out the contact form to apply for our prayer team.

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